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Data Science In Healthcare – Hype Or Reality?


Kartik Desikan

Digital Health Care Evangelist, Manipal Hospitals
Calendar icon July 5th, 2017Date 14:00 IST - 15:00 ISTTime

Is Data Science the new Penicillin or simply the latest fad? Every few years, a new technology promises to change the world, however interest wanes as the “technology du-jour” fails to make a large-scale business impact.

Today Data Science seems poised to revolutionize Healthcare and the community has a healthy mix of believers and sceptics.

Kartik Desikan is a Data Science Evangelist at Manipal Hospitals who will leverage use cases to provide a realistic perspective of what AI can do today and its potential applications, including IBM Watson for Oncology (a cognitive computing system which assists doctors with evidence-based treatment options for cancer patients) that has been adopted by Manipal Hospitals.

Who should attend?
– Data Science enthusiasts
– Analytics enthusiasts who may not have had prior exposure to healthcare domain
– Healthcare business heads looking to bring in Artificial Intelligence in their organizations
– Professionals and students interested in understanding the impact of AI in Healthcare Advancement

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