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Retraining to Beat the Bots: How You Should Upskill Your Workforce


Dr. Vishnupriya Raghavan | Alka Rai Sharma | Jessie Paul

Head of Programs at Manipal ProLearn | Senior Manager - Learning and Development at Flipkart | CEO at Paul Writer​
Calendar icon December 18th, 2018Date 15:00 IST - 16:00 ISTTime

With technology revolutionizing the way we work, the fear that bots will steal our jobs is not as far-fetched as it used to be. Join us for the webinar “Retraining to Beat the Bots: How You Should Upskill Your Workforce” hosted by Paul Writer and Manipal ProLearn as part of the Talent Chronicles campaign to find out how to compete against the bots!

Points of Discussion

  • Can upskilling and reskilling ensure your skills don’t become obsolete?
  • Retraining to retain your workforce talent
  • How to ensure AI empowers your workforce instead of replacing it
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